Complex Machining

AvioCast has partnered with four world-class machining sources in Taiwan and Japan.  These machining facilities utilize some of the most advanced and efficient high-speed equipment available and features temperature controlled environments to facilitate tight tolerance dimensions.
Specializing in precision machining processes our machining partners combine world-class equipment and skilled operators that enable us to offer reduced lead times, greater accuracy, and tremendous flexibility regardless of the lot size.
AvioCast has an established track record of managing developmental and mature programs from casting concept to a machined, surface treated and assembled component ready for the customer’s production line.
Rapid Prototype

AvioCast is in close cooperation with several local SLA providers where the customers’ solid model component data is converted into a laser generated stereo lithography or SLS pattern.  The wax model needed for the casting process is replaced by an SLA pattern that allows our customers to significantly reduce the development time and associated costs of building hard tooling.

The rapid prototype casting goes through the same production processes with no sacrifice in product appearance or quality and allows for maximum speed and flexibility to meet the customers aggressive development timelines.

Surface Treatment & Chemical Processing

AvioCast has an in-house full service chemical processing, cleaning, and special process facility.  Our services are designed to comply with industry standards, military specifications, and an array of customer requirements. Our highly qualified and experienced staff is evident in all aspects of our operation and is a critical part in assuring customer satisfaction, performance, and quality expectations.
Services include: Sulfuric and Chromate Anodizing, Hard anodizing, Chemical Conversion, Aqueous Degreasing and Acid De-oxide (Etching).

Assembly Services

AvioCast also offers its customers the option of receiving their investment castings ready for assembly. Depending on the customer's requirements, the cast components are delivered directly to the production line including machining, surface treatment and if required purchased part installation.  When purchasing machined complete and ready for assembly products our customers avoid costly management of consumable parts and the administrative costs of managing multiple suppliers.

AvioCast is very experienced at managing the procurement and installation of hardware and associated items for even the most complex assemblies.  We specialize in the installation of heli-coils, pins, bushings, inserts, plugs, bearings, rivets, decals, and part marking. Each assembly workstation is equipped with all installation tools and parts necessary to provide a quick response to our customers’ needs and to meet their aggressive delivery schedules.